Kate Moss Lipstick Collections - Yay or Nay? ♥


Kate Moss Lipstick Collections - Yay or Nay? ♥

Like most people I am a fan of both Kate Moss' work and all things makeup, but should the two mix? I've trialled three of her lipsticks, one from the' Lasting Finish Matte collection', and two from the 'Lasting Finish Nudes Collection'.
Lets start off with the 'matte' collection. This collection gained a lot of hype due to the publicity it had from YouTuber 'Zoella'; its a well known fact that the shade '107' is her most iconic lipstick. (Its even the shade on her figurine in Madame Tussauds!) But personally I didn't think too much of it! Dark colours generally tend to suit my lips quite well due to me having dark hair; although to me this colour just didn't sit right. But that's just my opinion, everyone's different! I do find that this lippy wears off really quick, and is actually quite hard to apply! Alongside this, I didn't find it had that 'matte' look I was going for, so its safe to say I'm not overly impressed with it....

HOWEVER, the nude range definitely changed my mind on her collections!! The shade in the above pic is number '45', this is also demonstrated in the picture of me to the left. The colours in this range are amazing! Normally I don't suit light colours on my lips, but this shade is definitely an exception! I also trialled the shade '48', this is a darker lipstick more like the colours im used to. I can quite honestly say that this shade is my FAVOURITE to wear at this time of year! It just suits the autumn colours so well and leaves me with a lovely sheen on my lips.

The only thing that lets these lippys' down is the fact that I do find myself reapplying it more often then id like. When you compare it to competitors products such as 'Maybelline New York's 24 hour Super Stay lipstick'; you'll find your asking yourself, do I really want a lippy that I have to keep reapplying? Especially when Maybellines' genuinely lasts all day...   
 But quite frankly I would. The colours from this range are stunning and although I do have to reapply it quite a lot, I find that a lip colour can be the perfect 'look finisher'. Its like accessorising, it can either make or break an outfit.

So overall I find that the 'matte' collection isn't anything worth getting excited over, however, I wouldn't hesitate in repurchasing or expanding my collection of the 'Nude' range.
I hope you've enjoyed this read and I'll speak to you all soon!
Victoria ❀ 

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