Scarf Season ♥


Scarf Season ♥

 So we've come to that time of year where the holiday season is right around the corner; and I couldn't be more excited or more warm!! Its all thanks to scarves, not only do they make you feel snuggly and warm inside and out, but they are THE accessory to have this time of year! Now some people may think that scarves are a 'one trick pony' if you'd like, and can only be used by themselves. But I say, why not layer it up?
Yes, by adding a matching hat it automatically turns into quite a 'cute' look. Its the typical winter style! Or if you want to dress your outfit up a bit, why not add some jewellery? I used some dream catcher earrings to not only bring out the colour of my skin, but I automatically felt like id dressed up a bit more and made an effort. Which is perfect for those days were my effort is really lacking!!
Finally, I paired a scarf with one of my statement necklaces and indubitably turned quite a plain outfit, into quite a dramatic ensemble! 

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you all soon!
Victoria ❀

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