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Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Lipsticks Review  
Isn't this just a stunning collection of lipsticks?? Makeup Revolution initially brought out the high gloss rose gold version of these shades but then re-released the colours in the matte.. and what a difference it makes! Personally I love matte lipsticks, I generally prefer them to say shiny or glossy lipsticks as I feel it adds a sense of sophistication.
The above picture shows my favourite 3 of the collection, they are 'members club', 'chauffeur' and Diamond life. They are all very different in terms of intensity but they all glide on your lips like a dream! Having had time to try these out now, I feel that they are definitely value for money costing only £3.00 each! They apply really easily and last a long time, what more could you want? Not to mention how pretty they all are..
This next shade is VERY glamorous, I love how classy it looks.  Don't get me wrong at the end of the day it is just 'another red lipstick', everyone's got at least one in their collection. But this one just has something special too it, I guess you could say the name gives a placebo effect. It makes you feel like you are actually 'red carpet ready', I mean, who doesn't love feeling glamorous?
The final shade is 'best friend', I have to admit this is my least favourite of the collection. I find its just so limiting due to the brightness, seriously, its 10x brighter then what it looks in this picture! I think this shade would be perfect for festivals, UV parties or even just for fancy dress but when it comes to everyday wear its not that great. With the summer season coming to an end I feel this isn't really going to leave my lipstick draw any time soon.

But overall I love the products, like I said, I'm all about those mattes! These apply amazingly and can glam up any look so overall id say they're an essential to any collection!

If you'd like to learn more about these lipsticks then please hop on over to my YouTube as there is both a lip and wrist swatch waiting just for you.

I hope you've enjoyed and ill see you soon,
Vic xx

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