Ariana Grandes' Lipsy Collection ❀


My Ariana Grande and Lipsy Collection Pieces 

Anyone who knows me will know that Ariana is one of my biggest girl crushes going! So when she announced she was doing this collection I couldn't resist. She has some stunning pieces in her collection, however this time around I only purchased a couple of jewellery items. Although she classes her collection as 'affordable' I still find it a bit pricey. That's why for the moment I've stuck to the jewellery, they're the only things I find that are decently priced. But they are both gorgeous pieces! 
This first item is this super cute heart bangle, its the perfect piece to finish any outfit! Not only could it be used as an everyday accessory, but it could also accompany a more glamorous look. Its simple but affective and the diamantes really add some class to it. Not only that but it only cost £8. The collection is incredible but the only flaw is the delivery, there isn't a free option. If you want to buy anything you have to pay for next day delivery which is expensive, I would have been happy to wait a bit longer for free. However you can track your parcel which is good as it allows you to see where your delivery is at any time. So over all her collection is amazing, it just would have been nice for them to consider the cost especially for those of us with little money.
The other item I purchased was this gorgeous heart choker, I just love how fun and bubbly this accessory can be! Not only that but it's incredibly feminine and delicate. This piece again could be used for an everyday accomplice or worn alongside something more classy. This heart link choker costs £10 which is affordable I feel. It fastens with a clip and chain, its a really good idea as it means it'd adjust to anyone's neck width.
This is an example of me wearing the heart link choker with one of my everyday outfits, its incredibly versatile and could be used to accessorise almost every outfit.
Overall I love her collection and I'm looking forward to purchasing other items when I have the funds too!

Thank you guys for reading this blog, I hope you've enjoyed and I'll be back soon with another post.

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