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Direct Cosmetics Haul 

 Recently I've gone a bit over board buying make up, but at these prices who wouldn't! Alongside Director Cosmetics Ive also bought a load from Wish, but that's a post for another day. So I found this company on instagram and thought why not give them a go. If it saves me money on cosmetics then what's the harm? I bought five products in total and have trialed each of these products and thought I'd give you my opinions. The delivery from this company was alot quicker then expected so I was very happy with the service. They also sent me emails every step of the way and tracked the parcel so I knew where my delivery at all times. Overall they have great customer service and a great range of products! 

 First up are two products of the Revlon Age Defying range. On the left is their DNA powder, this was priced at £6.99 which is half of the RRP at £13.99. The powder has great coverage and it almost seems to make my face glow which is incredible! Although it has an amazing effect I find the brush that comes with it almost useless, I tend to use one of my own to get the finish I want. But don't let the brush put you off, the powder is definitely worth it. On the right is the Revlon Age Defying foundation in the shade Fresh Ivory.This foundation has an spf.15 so it's perfect for me as I have alot of sun damage to my face, especially my under eyes. It provides a decent coverage but I have found better products before and won't be reperchasing this one.
When I found out they sold the L'Oréal False Lash Flutter mascara in midnight black I was over the moon! My friend Amy has this mascara and I borrow it everytime I get ready with her, I've never seen anything like it. The midnight black isn't sold by many companies any more and if it is it's certainly not at this price! They sell it for only £3.99! That's incredible considering they RRP at £9.99! When this mascara arrived it did not disappoint either, its still one of the best I've used in a long while.
This next product is the Sumptuous mascara by Estee Lauder. I've never really used their products before as I've never been able to afford what they sell. So when I found this down from £12.99 to just £2.50 I had to purchase it! Although it is only a tester size I still think it's great value for money. This is a good product but it doesn't compare to the Flutter mascara above. Personally I won't be reperchasing it. However, if you're wanting to try any of Estee Lauders products then Drect Cosmetics is an opportunity for you to do so cheaply! ;)
The final product in this Haul is the Burberry Sheer Concealer in the shade soft beige.This Concealer gives a really good coverage, I'd recommend it to anyone with under eye issues! This product retails at £26.00 but Direct Cosmetics sell it for just £9.00. This is the tester sized bottle, but again if you want to test the product without paying full price then this website is perfect for you.

Overall I'd recommend this website to anyone who wants big name products for small prices!
Thanks so much for reading, I hope you've enjoyed,
Victoria ♡

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